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    Converting Time

    Arich _

      I have a "time" field which is actually a numeric field of mmhhss. It is using a 24hr clock. I want to convert it to a REAL time field. The problem is that my times do not have leading zeros.


      So I have times that look like 45 (45 seconds after midnight), 809 (8 minutes 9 secs after midnight) etc.... When I convert to Date only the times that use the full 6 digits are converting correctly.


      Is there an easy method/formula for converting all these to a valid TIME format?



        • Converting Time
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Arich. Welcome to the forum.


          This is an interesting twist to the typical time challenges.


          Assuming that the TimeNumber has the value 809, then:









          will produce a Date/Time type field (formatted for Time) with the value 12:08:09 AM, and the TimeNumber value of 205312 will produce 8:53:12 PM.


          Is this what you had in mind?