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    Monarch client silently failing to launch

    scottt _

      We use Monarch 9.0


      We are retiring the current Monarch server.  I build a new server, copied over the Monarch files and reinstalled the software.


      I directed all Monarch users (about 30 world wide) to reinstall the monarch client on their workstations so that it would point to the new server install.


      For about 5 of our users, the uninstall/reinstall went fine, but when they try to launch Monarch, it fails silently after about 60 seconds.


      monarch.exe appears in the task manager during that time, but disappears after about 1 minute.


      I have tried purging the registry and dumping all the files in C:\windows\prefetch, but have not been able to solve this problem.


      Anyone else experience similar, and how did you fix it?