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    Basic data pump user's manual

    Intrepid _

      Does one exist?  I'm only able to access Data Pump at work, but I'd like to be able to study up on some problems I'm going to meet with while I've got some down time at home.  Anyone know if and/where one exists?



        • Basic data pump user's manual
          Olly Bond

          Hello Intrepid,


          I'm not in front of the server to check, but I think I recall that the documentation consists of the .chm file.


          It ought to be easy to copy this to any other Windows machine to read. There are utilities to convert this format to Word/PDF to print a manual easily.


          I've never been on an official "Data Pump Admins" training course from Datawatch - but perhaps they have some material as well.


          Best wishes,



          • Basic data pump user's manual

            There is also a tutorial that comes on the CDs.