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    Project Export Behavior in Excel?

    monafam _

      A co-worker and myself have essentially taught ourselves how to use Monarch.  We may be the biggest proponents of it in the entire office and we've come from pride in setting the first trap, to using Excel to run the Projects/Project exports, etc.   That being said, I still think we are just scratching the surface.


      Sorry for the lengthy intro, but onto the issue at hand...


      Today, my co-worker was exporting summaries into a specific excel file when she asked me to look at something.   Somehow, when she exported the data rather than the data starting at Range A1 in Excel, it started about 4 rows down.  She even added the word "Test" to the first row and re-ran the export -- the "Test" remained and the data again occurred 4 rows down.   This defied anything we had experienced up to this point -- setting up an export to "overwrite" an exciting worksheet/tab has not respected any pre-excel formatting that I was aware of.


      While I could duplicate it with the files she was working on -- it didn't accept all types of formatting (pasting specific data in those inserted rows didn't work) -- and I wasn't able to duplicate that issue on any of the files I was working on.


      Has anyone seen this before?   Can someone explain the logic as to what is occurring and determine if there is a means to utilize it?  


      Thanks in advance for any assistance.   Please let me know if I need to clarify anything.

        • Project Export Behavior in Excel?
          Data Kruncher

          Greetings monafam, and welcome aboard.


          This sounds unusual, to be sure.


          Under your options menu, Export and Clipboard, I'd try using the Monarch V8 Excel driver instead of the V9 Excel driver. The V9 driver has been known to be a little tempermental.


          Additionally, ensure that you've installed the 9.01 patch which is available from the downloads page on Datawatch's main site.


          Monarch prefers to export to Excel files using Excel's named ranges, and as such perhaps the range has become corrupted or otherwise confused in the workbook. Can you choose to overwrite the file completely when exporting, instead of just overwriting the sheet?

            • Project Export Behavior in Excel?
              monafam _

              Thanks for the prompt response!


              It's possible that my co-worker will prefer the way it's working because then she might avoid having to create an additional macro in excel to format to her liking.   I feel this is somewhat problematic, because we can't seem to duplicate this in all instances, and it seems like certain things can mess it all up.  For example, in one of our "tests" we got the dreaded cell count exceed message.   (If she exported from Monarch, then in excel inserted columns and saved, when she exported again it would start after those inserts.  If she inserted copied data like header information in those cells, she got an error message, or Monarch bypassed the existing sheet for a new one.)


              She is exporting 3 summaries into one excel file so I don't know that the overwrite file would be an option.


              Although we've come along way, there might be some basic things we are lacking...or items where we are going the long way when a shortcut exists.  


              So, I am correct in the thought that this is not how the export should behave (i.e. it should replace the file altogether, or add to data previously exported if that option is selected)?  It's more of a fluke thing with how Monarch and Excel are behaving rather than a way to place data in a specific excel range?