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    Maximum records Error

      Has anyone ever got this error before:

      32. Maximum records (16383) for this format reached


      It's new to me, and I could swear that we've had reports over 16,383 lines before. Even still Excel & Jet engine should be able to handle 64k lines.


      (I tried searching but didn't find anything.)



        • Maximum records Error
          Olly Bond

          Hello shard,


          I presume that this process was running OK before, and all of a sudden has just started reporting this error? Or is it a new process? It certainly sounds like an Excel export issue - but do check the file extension of the export as Monarch will determine the file type from that.


          It might be worth checking the server - logging on using the account that the DataPump service runs under - to see if you get the same error when running the same job in Monarch by hand.


          Best wishes,