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    Error message freezing up the monitored processes

    pranitj84 _

      We have an issue where the following error message is holding up all other monitored jobs.  We contacted our system departments regarding the access to the folder and they assured us that data pump has full access to the folder.


      DwchServer.ReloadMonitoringTablesException: Error occurred while loading the monitoring tables. ---> DwchServer.InvalidFindFirstChangeNotificationException: Error setting up initial change notification for
      corporate\finance\PROD\URS\DOWNLOAD - error 1

         at DwchServer.ChangeNotification..ctor(String strPath, Int32 iWatchSubtree, FileNotifyChange notificationType)

         at DwchServer.w.b()

         at DwchServer.d.d()

         --- End of inner exception stack trace ---

         at DwchServer.d.d()

         at DwchServer.d.e()