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    Monarch hangs while importing "SAVED AS" PDF reports

    bala _

      Hi All,


      Quick snapshot on the problem


      Monarch Pro hangs for original (SAVED AS) PDFs, if opened in the "New Report" dialog box; however if the same PDFs are re-created through distiller, Monarch accepts them and opens it without issues.:confused:




      We use Monarch Pro version 8.00 for data extraction from already available normal text based PDFs. However, we have to distill/RECREATE the PDFs throuch Adobe Acrobat 8 (Professional) for them to be read by Monarch. If we don't distill the PDFs, Monarch fails to open the undistilled (or SAVED AS) PDFs and HANGS without throwing any error. the application shows " Not responding" in the title bar.


      We open the PDFs through Monarch's Open --> New report dialog box.


      the Document --> Examine document in Acrobat 8 for the PDF versions (both "saved as" and "created") shows the document DOES NOT have Annotations, form field logic, hidden text layers, bookmarks, embedded search index, Image context. Although it has metadata, I had cleared them off and tested the same on Monarch to no avail.


      Secondly, the "Document properties" --> "security" of both the PDF versions show "Allowed" for all properties under "Document Restrictions Summary".


      Thirdly, both versions are are untagged PDFs.


      The only difference I see is the parentage (which is obviously expected)  in the "Document Properties" --> "Description" section as below:


      The "Saved As" PDf shows :

      PDF Producer - PDFlib 7.0.1p1 (c++/win32). 

      PDF Version - 1.6 (Acrobat 7.x)



      While the "RECREATED" or distilled PDF (this is the one we created through the acrobat and the only one that works) shows:

      PDF Producer - Acrobat Distiller 8.0.0(win)

      PDF Version - 1.4 (Acrobat 5.x)


      could you help me with any known fixes or workarounds or help me debug this problem further? All I want is to avoid using distiller/acrobat for every pdf document for it to be read by Monarch. Any solution will save a lot of time in our backoffice.