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    v9.01 not reading data in Excel lookup

    faithmom _

      I have run into this several times. I have a Monarch model that has a lookup to a .xls file. It brings in some of the values but not others. When I try to delete the lookup and recreate it, the same thing happens. The field formats are identical. If I bring the spreadsheet into Monarch as a database it imports all of the data.


      Anybody have any ideas what may be going on here? I am working in Excel 2007 with a .xls sheet. The model was created in an earlier version of Monarch.



        • v9.01 not reading data in Excel lookup
          Joe_ _

          Could be any number of things, here are a few solutions I've come across in the past.


          1- Try retyping the data in 1 cell of the spreadsheet, saving and then have monarch refresh the lookup.  Even though I may change the format of a column in excel the actual cell format doesn't seem to change until I activate the cell and enter out of it again.


          2- Make sure there's not any leading/trailing spaces on the lookup value (both in excel and monarch)


          3- If data has been added to the original excel document be sure the range is including any rows or columns that have been added.