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    Automation Problems Since V10 Upgrade

    Leanna _

      We have a LOT of automated processes, where we use a macro in Access databases to run a batch file, which opens Monarch, applies the model, and exports the file.  An Access  macro is used to import the file into Access.


      It is exporting from Monarch ok, but apparently adds a table name since the upgrade from V8 to V10.  The batch file import into Access doesn't work.  When I import manually, I have to highlight a table name within the file.  It looks like Monarch is naming it the same as the filter. 


      What can we do to fix this?


      UPDATE:  I found that if I rename the Source in the Access macro to the table name, it works right.  If there isn't a setting in Monarch that can be changed, I will have to go through each application and track down the name to change the source.