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    Excel Import problem

    RalphB _

      I'm trying to open an excel file in Monarch but am having problems getting the right field properties in Monarch.


      First off, there are appox 8 header rows that may contain text and below that is the data I want.  In the first column are dates that I need but Monarch 10Pro thinks they are all text because in the first row of that column it has text.  I also have a column that has amounts in it but the same problem, Monarch thinks it is text also. I cannot change the field properties when I go to the Field list screen.  In Monarch 8, it correctly interpreted those columns as either date or numeric.


      I was wondering if there is some setting in v10 that I'm missing or has anyone else experienced this problem?


      OS- XP Pro

      Office 2003

      .Net 3.5 installed

        • Excel Import problem
          Data Kruncher


          Heading 1    Heading 2   

          Heading 1    Heading 2   

          Heading 1    Heading 2   

          Heading 1    Heading 2    Heading 3

          4/10/2009    1            Heading 1

          4/11/2009    2            Heading 2

          4/12/2009    3            Heading 3

          4/13/2009    4            Heading 4

          4/14/2009    5            Heading 5

          4/15/2009    6            Heading 6

          4/16/2009    7            Heading 7

          4/17/2009    8            Heading 8

          4/18/2009    9            Heading 9

          4/19/2009    10           Heading 10

          4/20/2009    11           Heading 11

          4/21/2009    12           Heading 12



          Some quick test data displays exactly what you've described Ralph: it all comes in as Character, and there's no changing it.


          The only solution was to define a named range for the data table which ignored the first three rows, and then select the range to import instead of the entire sheet. Then Monarch recognized Date/Time, Numeric and Character fields.


          Perhaps v10's Excel import engine could benefit from a row offset feature as is available when importing CSV files (Lines to skip at start)?


            • Excel Import problem
              RalphB _

              Thanks Sandy for your trouble.  I can't really define a named range as we receive this from a third party and to get them to change something is next to impossible.


              Why was it that under Monarch 8 & 9 it would recognize the underlying data correctly but not in V10 or at least have the ability to change the field's property?


              Maybe Monarch will incorporate this in a patch or in the next release.  Gareth????