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    Saving Files Naming preference

    samoore _

      I would like to save my files with this naming preference at the end using the month day and year (4digit).....ABC 0409 2009 how do I incorporate the spaces in the name.


      Not sure if this question is for monarch or my IT but here goes...Also when emailing a client is there a way to adjust the font size in Monarch. My clients state the font is extremely small.





        • Saving Files Naming preference

          For the file name, you'll want ABC &[yyyy] &[mm] &[dd].xls


          As far as the email, I'm pretty sure that Data Pump donly uses to plain text email.  You would need another program to send the email for you.   Perhaps you could write code to interact with Outlook or or another mail client and call that code from Data Pump? I've done something similar in VBA.