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    Database Issue

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      Good afternoon,

      I use Version 9.01 and use as my starting position a database table from an oracle database. One field called customer subref contains a myriad of characters and unfortunately sometimes very unusual ones also. In one particular case upside down characters such as question marks "¿¿" exist in the oracle table. There are also records with "??" - my problem is that when Monarch takes in this data via OLEDB it rights the incorrect characters to "??" so instead of having distinct records I now end up with records which look identical but are not. I have 8 other external lookups via OLEDB to other oracle tables and when I run some summary reports the database becomes confused and I recieve "Internal Error" message and sometimes the project just shuts down. As you can imagine this is becoming very annoying and very time consuming so I would greatly appreciate some advice



        • Database Issue
          fino _

          Problem identified - the "¿¿" in the Oracle table represent "££" determined by a character set. However there are also records with "??". When both of these records types are used as database input, Monarch "sees" and represents both of these as "??", thereby producing duplicates. When attempting to "hook up" external lookups the database attempts to links "??" and "¿¿" causing I assume the internal error message. The issue can only be resolved before the oracle tables are populated. This will be done in cleansing spreadsheets to remove the "££" with other non-used characters because it is too late to attempt to fix the content of the oracle tables after they are populated. I should also point out that although oracle tables show "¿¿" and monarch shows "??" that the ascii code in oracle is for £. Is there anyway to see the ascii code in monarch?

          Messy problem, messy fix.

          Anyone experience anything similar?