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    Monarch, Citrix and Vba

    MonarchUser _

      I am trying to automate the monarch process using vba and need help with the citrix part of the coding. I want the code to launch citrix and open monarch (V9). Then open the 20 CSV files as a database, apply the model and export them as fixed length text files. I have V7 on my laptop but V9 is only available in Citrix.


      Thanks in advance!!!!

        • Monarch, Citrix and Vba
          Data Kruncher

          Do you have MS Office installed on the Citrix server? If so, I'd be tempted to split up the coding task into two parts.


          Part 1 would launch the Citrix connection, and would open an Excel file once connected and logged in. You might consider [URL="http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/"]AutoIT[/URL] for this part.


          Then in the Workbook_Open event I'd place the call to the code which will run your Monarch processes. This will automatically execute when the file is opened, completing the second part of the requirement.


          Since you'd be running Excel on the server, you'll have no problem accessing V9 since it won't "see" your local installation of v7.