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    A way to add and replace rows

    DannyCMui _

      Hi, I need help here.


      I have this report (which will change ever day) where there will be some duplicate job (2nd column) and company name (3rd column). I want to be able to take those duplicate rows, add the dollar amounds, and display just one row with the total dollars.


      See example bolded below


            ACC1    PMX   M2TOA      1399332.75              MAR16

            ACC1    PMX  MSHTOA       381341.39              MAR16

            ACC1    PMX    PATO       493117.09              MAR16

            ACC1    PMX  YRYSEC        58357.40              MAR16

            ACC1    SMX  MSHTOA      1798009.82              MAR16

            ACC1    SMX    YRMO       513815.97              MAR16

            ACC2    PMX   DWPAT       321817.64              MAR16

            ACC3    PMX    DRNY       142809.28              MAR16

            ACC3    PMX   MNHNY        17955.14              MAR16

            ACC4    NMX    ZENY      1169500.90              MAR16

            ACC4    NMX    ZENY     41771046.58              MAR16

            ACC4    PMX    DWNY        -1253.86              MAR16

            ACC4    PMX    DWNY      3118684.70              MAR16

            ACC4    PMX    ZENY       698143.69              MAR16[/B]

            ACC4    PMX    ZENY      7700848.11              MAR16[/B]

            ACC4    SMX    DWNY     17554737.09              MAR16

            ACC4    SMX    ZENY     13955693.56              MAR16

            ACC5    NMX   CMINY      3491736.15              MAR16

            ACC5    NMX   MSNYA     19463643.60              MAR16

            ACC5    PMX   CMINY      3300214.86              MAR16

            ACC5    PMX   JWNYA      -150000.00              MAR16

            ACC5    PMX   JWNYA       193042.52              MAR16

            ACC5    PMX   MSNYA     17071620.83              MAR16

            ACC5    PMX   OGNYA       888848.19              MAR16

            ACC5    PMX   ZOTOA      7554680.42              MAR16

            ACC5    SMX   CMINY      2872118.88              MAR16

            ACC5    SMX   JWNYA       834193.16              MAR16[/code]


      I want the report to be able to show just one line in the report like this.

            ACC4    PMX    ZENY       8398991.80              MAR16[/B]


      I am using Monarch V7.  Thanks in advance for (any!) help.