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    V10 external links not working properly

    Tom Strachan



      I have encountered a minor problem in V10.  My model has external links, they worked properly in V9, but appear to be "broken" in V10.  When I open the report & model, a dialog box appears that says: "An external lookup data source ... is either missing or invalid ..."


      As I step through the Table> Data > External Links screens, I found that the problem is that the External links are not recognizing that the first row of my external file contains the column names.  The check box in that screen is not selected, so it's assigning "F1", "F2", etc. as names for the fields.


      By stepping through the External Links screens and re-checking the check box everything is fine.  I can save the model and I don't have that problem again. with that model.


      This has occurred with a couple of my models, so perhaps this is a bug that needs to be patched (?).


      Any thoughts?