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    Variable field length to trap

    Mike Mayfield

      I do not use Monarch enough to stay current with some things like how to deal with data of varying length. I have browsed the posts here, but still can seem to figure out what should be a simple matter.


      I have an item number that is in an append template because it is not part of detail. The field is something like this, with several spaces before it:


      Item: XXXXXXXX / 6840300 "TRAY-PAPER DIAMD #0540 1/4# 1


      where the data following "space/space" is not predictable. The data that I want to trap follows "Item: " and varies from 4 to 9 characters, and I can't seem to get rid of the "/" .


      I can't seem to find a suitable function that will start with "Item:" and end on "/".


      Thanks for your help.

        • Variable field length to trap
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Mike. Welcome to the forum.


          If you're including the ITEM: in the field, you can use this:



          If you're not including the ITEM: string, then all that you'll need is:




          Try that and let us know your results.