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    Command Lines, visual basic anyone?

    Justin L



      My company uses Monarch 6.01, and we have a number of MS-DOS .Bat files, which users run.  The .bat files pick up some files using ftp, and then push them through Monarch, using set models, and then finally open the results in Excel.


      I am attempting to update them, but I do not understand how the Monarch logic works in the .bat files.


      Here is an example:


      echo Creating NO INVOICES hotsheet...

      start /w %monpath% "%TMP%\%stamp%%ewar%" "%toolpath%\print_hotsheet\ewar.mod" "%TMP%\hotsheet_no_invoices.xls" /s


      if not exist hotsheet_no_invoices.xls goto MON1



      How does this work?  Could someone explain what I am looking at here?


      Additionally, if anyone knows how to call the same function from visual basic .net, I would greatly appreciate it.