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    Filter in Summery?

    PGarcia _

      If I have filters in the table window, why does the summery not filter my data? I pick everthing up but I need a filter there.


        • Filter in Summery?
          RalphB _

          HI PGarcia,


          By default Monarch applies the default filter or the last filter you selected to the summaries.  If you want a specific filter applied to a summary just edit the summary settings by changing the 'Apply Filter' to the filter you want on the General tab of the summary.


          If you want to use different filters for the same summary, you have two options: just select that filter on the table window first and leave the 'Apply Filter' setting to 'Default Filter' or select the desired filter. 



            • Filter in Summery?
              PGarcia _

              Thanks Ralph. I've been using Monarch for some time now but only the models that were created prier to me take over the dep. reports. Now I find myself having to learn Monarch.

              I have another question. I have the following filter: PAYOR_NAME .NotIn.('BAX','SCHENKER') but also need to add a OR in there to not filter BAXTER. In excel you just to a "Contains BAX or Does Not Contain BAXTER" and that does it for you.

              Thanks again for the help.