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    Data sporadically not being extracted from report

    MonUserCJ _

      Hi everyone,


         I'm having a frustrating problem, and I'm wondering if someone could shed some light on the situation. I have a model setup with a detail template, and a couple of footer templates. Something very strange is happening, where, even though a line of a footer template appears to be trapped and fielded properly, with the desired text in the desired fields (based on using it as a sample line), it doesn't get carried into the table. Note, this is character data mostly, and the fields are, for the most part, character fields (so it's not a problem with character data being put into numeric fields, from what I can tell).


         On lines where this happens (and it doesn't happen for all lines trapped by the given template), none of the information gets trapped. I can see that these lines are highlighted, and I know they're being trapped by the right template (just to make sure, I switched the trap to an append template temporarily to see that the line gets highlighted in the right color relative to the footer templates). I'm using Monarch V10 Pro.


        Needless to say, this is very frustrating. Can anyone give me some suggestions on what might be causing this odd behavior? Could it be some sort of formatting character that I can't see? One time, I found Monarch to be behaving strangely, and I noticed that a field was set to terminate on the next line, even though I hadn't set it to do that. Something like that.


        Another piece of information that may be useful: I'm using the "Cleared by…" feature for both the footer templates, with both templates clearing on the detail template.


         Also, as a second strange issue, designating templates as appends versus footers seems to result in inconsistent behavior. Footer templates are supposed to take data further down in the report, and attach it to the detail line, which is further up (and appends, vice versa). It is not doing this. I have two templates designated as footers, and one is attaching to the detail line above, and one to the one below.


         Could someone please help me? I realize I have a lot to learn about Monarch, but I'm pretty convinced this is a bug of some sort.



        • Data sporadically not being extracted from report
          Grant Perkins



          It sounds like you have an unusually complicated report there.


          I would guess that you may have something like a Template sample that has more lines included than are to be found in some of the records that would be trapped as Detail records (possibly also Footers/Appends but that is less common) resulting in some other templates not being extracted as they will be 'hidden' by the detail template definition.


          The display of what can potentially be trapped by a template according to its definition does not mean that it will be extracted when Monarch parses the report and ALL template are applied.


          However as I mentioned above, this is a guess. Your suggesting of a formating or other hidden character may also be possible but is a rare occurrence these days.


          Is there any chance that you could post a sample of the file, preferably a section that exhibits the problem, so that people can try it out and make an 'live' assessment?


          If you do post please refer to and adopt the posting guidelines 'sticky' at the top of the forum so that the report's format is retained.






            • Data sporadically not being extracted from report
              MonUserCJ _

              Thanks very much for your reply. It definitely gives me somethings to consider. What I'm looking at is a report listing insurance policies that different patients have. That's confidential information, so I'm reluctant to post it (though I guess I'll think of a way to obscure the personal information, if need be).


              I think I may know what the problem is--I may be selecting the wrong information as my detail information. The general report format is like this:


              Patient Name/Info


              Insurer 1 / Info


              Insurer 2 / Info


              I have the patient lines selected as the detail lines, but, come to think of it, it seems like the insurer information changes more often than the patient information (since patients often have multiple insurers). Thus, I think I'm going to try to restructure the model to make the insurers the detail lines, and see if that helps.


              Again, thanks for your help. I enjoy using Monarch, and it seems like a great tool, so I'd really love to participate in this forum with my fellow Monarch users so that we can all gain a rigorous understanding of the program.:)