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    Summary Subtotal Question

      Have a large Datbase with sample Data:


      ACCT:  Date:          Tot Chage  BALANCE  Financial Class

      1223    10/11/2008     100.00      450.00           B

      1223    10/12/2008     450.00      340.00           B

      1223    10/12/2008       20.00        6.00            B


      I would like to have a subtotal of these three transactions.  In my Data Base I have a mix of single transactions, and ones like above with multiple transactions per account.


      The result should look like this (with sample data above and below the desired transaction)


      3456    10/09/2008     9999.00   230.00            C

      1223    10/12/2008      570.00    796.00            B      {This is how the above should look}

      7866    10/13/2008    2400.00   3500.00            B


      Right now I just get a  regurgitation of the above detail with a total or summary at the end of the Data.

        • Summary Subtotal Question
          Nigel Winton

          HI there

          Have you tried Drilling Up or Down in the Summary page, that should allow you to show only the Sub totals.





            • Summary Subtotal Question
              Grant Perkins

              Just to add to Nigel's suggestion - you will need to transpose the "B" data field to be a key field and make the $value fields your calculated measures. That should work as you wish.


              If you must have the output in the order posted you should be able to achieve that my exporting to Excel matching the field names to the Excel column headings and re-ordering the Excel columns.