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    Batch Command for multiple summaries

    Eric A

      I have a project that captures a great deal of data. (It takes about 10 minutes to open)  I have several summaries that I run from this project.  I know how to write a command line to run one of the summaries and I know how to write a command line to run all of the summaries.  What I am doing now is running several different command lines.  The problem with that is after each command line completes, Monarch shuts down.  It then opens up and starts all over for the next summary.     I would like to know how to write one command line to run multiple (but not all) summaries. Thanks!

        • Batch Command for multiple summaries
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Eric,


          Your solution likely will be to create defined project exports for each summary that you want to export. When done creating project exports, save the project file.


          Once you have the named exports available in the project file you can use multiple /px: parameters on a single line, and Monarch will output each export in a single session, without needlessly closing and reopening your data set.