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    Can no longer Save xmod but need to Save As

    drobert _

      I just received version 10 Pro yesterday.:D


      I have opened a few models that I had created in version 6.01 and had done some modifications to take advantage of the new features in 10 Pro. When saving for the first time I noticed that if forced a new (to me anyways) extension (.xmod instead of .mod) which is fine since I wanted to name it uniquely from the original so that I still had the version 6 model kicking around (I'm a little anal that way:rolleyes:).


      I found that my subsequent edits of the model I was not able to do a Save[/B]. It would look like it did something, but as soon as I would try to leave the application; it would ask me if I wanted to save it. If I would answer Yes[/B], it does nothing and does not exit. If I answer No[/B] to the question, I can see by opeing it again that it did nothing when I did the original Save[/B].


      The same can be said if I "X" out of the application without saving... it asks me if I want to save my changes and I say Yes[/B], it does not seen to do anything.


      If ever I want to save my changes I have to do a Save As[/B] and save it on top of the original one.


      Would anyone know why this is happening?

        • Can no longer Save xmod but need to Save As
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Daniel,


          Monarch moved from text based model and project files to XML (xmod) files a couple of versions ago. Monarch will read the old model and project file formats but only write xmod (or xprj) files.


          V6 would not understand the xmod file format so it's a one way change.


          However, if you are using V10 to attempt to save but not seeing the changes that is a little strange. What happens if you create and save a new model? (V10 allows you to open a model file without the need for a report or database file to be opened.)


          Does a model name appear on the top bar of the window where the files in use are identified?


          Are the modsl being saved where you expect them to be saved? Where is system expecting to find the default folders? (From the menu bar - OPTIONS > FOLDERS then check the THIRD entry and any others that may be interesting.


          That's a quick check for starting out. If that does not give us any clues we will need so come up with some more creative guesswork.




            • Can no longer Save xmod but need to Save As
              drobert _

              I think I have figured it out:rolleyes:.


              The way I was invoking it, as I did it in the past with V6.01 and in my batch files, without problems, was to simply use the filename for the report and for the model, but it seems that once in Monarch, it looks like it does not know what the path it belonged to, so it cannot save. For example:

              monarch report.rpt model.xmod[/code]


              If I try to save it, it doesn't work. But if I open it in the following manner, I am able to save my model.

              monarch report.rpt \path1\path2\model.xmod[/code]


              If I open the report and model from Monarch, this works perfectly fine.


              Interesting huh?:cool: