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    Multicolumn Trapping issue V10

    Lorelei _

      I am using multicolumn in a model, and all was fine with V9.  Now though one data item will not pull into the tables.


      Using an append template I was pulling in the first character of the second column.  The report still shows the character highligted, and handles it in verification, but nothing pulls into the table.


      My sample text line and trap are:



      REPORT:     CO. 00   (The P is the selection for the field)


      The actual line I'm trapping is REPORT:     CO. 001, but the one falls into the next column.  I have been struggling with this all day, multi-column design is on, it looks all good, until I get to the table.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

        • Multicolumn Trapping issue V10
          Lorelei _

          Clarification: The number trap is over the P, it changed the format when I posted.

            • Multicolumn Trapping issue V10
              Grant Perkins



              Are you able to share copies of the report and model privately? If so I could take a look at it as a second opinion.


              There have been a few anomalies in certain aspects of MCR processing but they appeared rarely and I don't recall this one specifically. But then I don't recall attempting the sort of extract you have described either. May have done it but I don't recall.


              Let me know if you are allowed to share and I will send you a PM with an email address to send to.


              Alternatively you could try the Tech Support guys at Datawatch who are likely to have some insights about this I would think, based on knowing the differences in this area of functionality, if any, between V9 and V10 better than I do.






                • Multicolumn Trapping issue V10
                  Lorelei _

                  The report is sensitive of course but I can probably truncate it to a useable section that would be acceptable to my powers that be.


                  I would love a second opinion.  It seems to be relative to the fact that it is an append.  If I switch it to footer if pulls through.  But unfortunately, it is not a footer so it pulls through wrong.


                  I also submitted this to tech support this evening as I am growing more and more convinced it's an upgrade issue.  Considering everything I put IT and the 21 other users through because of the .net3, I would hate to roll back.