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    External Lookups-Data Pump

    samoore _

      I am receiving an error while running data pump with a model that has an external lookup.


      The error is - 02-17-2009 10:54:00 Folder S:\CFS\CFSAdmin\Billing Procedures\ADVENTIST HEALTH\ does not exist or is not accessible.


      I am using the UNC path of
      stlvs105\DFSRoot_S\CFS\CFSAdmin\Billing Procedures\ADVENTIST HEALTH\ADVENTIST DATABASE.xls


      Obviously there is an additional step I am missing. Please advise me on what I need to do.





        • External Lookups-Data Pump
          Steve Caiels


          [SIZE=3]Check the permissions for the Data Pump Service account.  You can see it on the logon tab of the service properties.  It won’t necessarily be the same user account you are currently logged in under[/SIZE][/FONT]

          [SIZE=3]That service account user will need access to the lookup.[/SIZE][/FONT]

          [SIZE=3]Failing that, does it work in standalone Monarch?  The interactive nature of Monarch might give more clues.[/SIZE][/FONT]