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    Prompts in Filters?

    Darla Flood

      Is there any way to put a "prompt" in a filter? 

      I am opening daily reports to combine into monthly data.  I want the user to be prompted to enter in the correct month they need by entering the Month/Year in the filter.


      I am thinking of how some of our other report writing software works (Business Objects, Microsoft Access, etc) where it will "prompt" the user to input the appropriate data to Query on?


      Does Monarch V8 have that capability or anything similar I could use?


      Thanks for your help!


        • Prompts in Filters?
          RalphB _

          Hi Darla and welcome to the forum.


          Yes, it is possible to do what you want.  In order to do this, you have to set up a calculated field as a Runtime Parameter and set a filter equal to that parameter.


          Once that is set up, whenever someone opens the report and model, it will prompt for your value and filter accordingly.


          I have a few models that do just that and it works great!