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    v10 Blank Text File Issue

    Diony _

      Hello fellow Monarchers,


      I have a dillema that I just came across that I was hoping someone may know the answer to.


      We are attempting to upgrade from Version 8 to Version 10 and have had a few problems so far.  My latest issue is with blank text files.


      We currently use Monarch to scrub a report and export it to an Access database.  In version 8, if the file is blank, Monarch will still execute to an access database and create an empty table.  In version 10 however, Monarch cannot open empty text files there for causing the vba script we have to bomb when we try to access an empty table.


      Is there a way in the new monarch to open an empty text file?  It would be easier to make one change in Monarch than 100 throughout various vba modules we have.


      Let me know your thoughts.