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    Summary Error

    RalphB _

      I'm trying to run a summary on a huge report that is over 73,000 pages (that's right) long.  A filter I have set up shows 90,000+ items and I'm trying to distill that down through a summary so it will go into Excel 2003.  After some time caculating the filter in the summary, I get an Monarch error stating "Import Error" and a blank screen.


      My operating system is XP Pro with 1 Gig memory and Monarch V8.


      Any ideas as to why?

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          Data Kruncher

          How many key, item, and measure fields and are you using Ralph?


          If it's more than a handful, do you still get the problem with a single key field and "count" for the measure?


          If you don't get the problem with a trimmed down summary, I'd speculate[/I] that you don't have enough RAM. The online help simply says that input file processing is limited only by system resources.


          I process reports that are that long, but I've got 3.5GB RAM, so it might not be an apples to apples comparison.

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              Grant Perkins



              Are you importing across a network from the original report?


              I'm just wondering if it is some sort of time-out error based on no selections (so no activity and the system thinks it has lost the link) because the filters are excluding a large block of records.


              If you are running the import from a local file this is obviously NOT the problem.