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    Removing/Filtering Null Fields

    m_carley _


      I'm just starting to use Monarch again after a long break and I have a report that is giving me a lot of breaks from pages which is causing fields to become Null/blank.


      Is there a way to remove those through filtering so that they do not import into my database? 

      I'm using v. 10.


      Thanks for the help!


        • Removing/Filtering Null Fields
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Mindi and welcome to the forum.


          If I guess your report has records that sometimes overlap a page break is that where your problem comes from?


          If so you can create a Page Header template with enough olines to make the regular Page Header row 'invisible' to other Monarch templates. The lines will still be visible in the page header template if you need any data from that area.


          On the other hand if that is not /Ithe problem your are trying to solve it might be best (get the quickest result) to post a sample of the report layout and a brief overview of what happens in your model.


          You can copy and paste a sample using the CODE tags. There is a 'How to Post samples' thread [URL="http://www.monarchforums.com/showthread.php?t=2290"]here[/URL] if you need to refer.