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    Monarch Command Files (aka .bat)

    ARICE01 _

      I am a long time user of Monarch (over 10 years).  I am only now interested in trying to use .bat files to automate some complex work involving several sql server db table links, monarch models and projects, summaries, project exports and more.  I can do all the steps manually in sequence where I have documented in detail each step.  It seems I need to know a lot of DOS commands, and I worked in Windows so long I vaguely recall what a DOS commands looks like.


      Does anyone know if there is a good book or online instructions which walks the basics of building Monarch command files, and gradually builds to more complex batch solutions.


      Also, I am currently using Monarch V9.0, but will be ordering V10 soon.


      Thank you in advance for your response.

        • Monarch Command Files (aka .bat)
          Data Kruncher

          Everything you need to know about automating Monarch via the command line is available in the online help. Look for "command lines".


          Having said that, I recognized that this task a bit confusing if you're new to it (and even if you're not :eek:), so I took it upon myself to build a tool which helps with creating Monarch batch files.


          You can [URL="http://********************/tips/monarch-batch-file-generator"]download my Monarch Batch File Generator from my site[/URL]. Developed with Excel, it's a free wizard style utility. You supply the file names and such, make some choices along the way based on what's available in your models and projects, and it creates your batch file for you.


          The programming behind it is not protected in any way, so you can examine how it works behind the scenes.


          I hope that you find it to be as useful as many others have kindly told me that it was for them.