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    Itech _

      Using wildcards to filter data in Monarch doesn't seem to work correctly sometimes.  I want to filter for strings having 2 words in a certain order, but not necessarily together. 


      An example filter would be:  FIELD = "ONETWO*".  When I try this all records are returned, even if they don't contain the words ONE or TWO.


      For reference, I couldn't get any filter to work that had two separate asterisks in them.  For example, FIELD = "TEST" doesn't seem to filter correctly.


      Anyone know if I am doing something wrong, or if this is just a bug in Monarch?


      Using Monarch V9.01 Pro.

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          RalphB _

          Hi Itech,


          Have you tried the Instr() function?  That might work for you.


          I did a quick test with instr("one",field)>0.and.instr("two",field)>instr("one",field) and was successful with my test file.


          Give that a try.

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              Itech _

              Thanks for the response RalphB.  I have switched to using the InStr function and it is working correctly. 


              I did a little more testing and it seems Monarch doesn't correctly handle the * wildcard unless it is at the end of the string.  In other words, as soon as Monarch encounters a * wildcard, it matches the remainder of the string.


              I guess I'll just use other functions for now and avoid the * wildcard.