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    Trap multiple lines of fields

    skiman _

      I am using the Monarch Pro V10.00.  I have a trial balance report that contains multiple lines of fields for each customers ranging from a minimum of 4 lines to a maximum of 6 lines where the last line is always blank that separates each customers.  I tried to create an append template for the CR. LIMIT and the NON ACCRUAL INT lines but it doesn't work.  Please help.



      JOAN, MILL        PL92       1,200.00                           500.00

      111111111         ACT              VAR          7.50000       01-10-2001

                             VAR-DAY      OTHR


      Flora, Mack        NR92       1,500.00                           500.00

      222222222         ACT               FIX          7.00000       01-10-2005

                             VAR-DAY      OTHR

                     CR. LIMIT:      10,000.00    AVAIL. LMIT:    8,500.00 


      TIM, BEST        YY92       7,500.00                          1,500.00

      333333333         NPFL             VAR          5.00000       01-10-2005

                             VAR-DAY      OTHR

                     CR. LIMIT:      20,000.00    AVAIL. LMIT:  12,500.00

                                                  NON ACCRUAL INT:        12.90



      DAVE, KIM        YY92      17,500.00                          1,500.00

      444444444         NPFL              FIX          9.00000       01-10-2005

                             VAR-DAY      OTHR

                                                   NON ACCRUAL INT:       112.25


      MIKE, WAR        YY92       7,500.00                          1,500.00

      555555555         NPFL               FIX          7.00000       01-10-2005

                             VAR-DAY      OTHR

        • Trap multiple lines of fields
          Data Kruncher

          Hi skiman and welcome to the Monarch forum!


          I tried to take advantage of the new template tools available in v10, but in the end could only resolve this by using what's often referred to here as the "guru trap" (search the forum tags for posts with examples).


          The thrust of the guru trap is that's a particular technique used to append fields that not only appear sporadically but to complicate matters, appear after the detail rows.


          So your typical append approach just does not work in this case.


          I started modeling your sample with a 2 line detail template; the first two rows are consistent. Actually, the first 3 lines consistent now that I look at it one more time, but no matter.


          I trapped with a single N in column one, indicating that the trap line is line 2, and picked up each entire line as a single field. We can split the fields later.


          Then on to the append template. I used a three line sample from your TIM, BEST record. Now here's the critical part. In order to pull of this technique, the trap for the append must match the trap for the detail, so again use a single N in column 1, line 2.


          Now paint your fields normally, but for each field go to the Advanced tab and specify a string for the "preceding string" in current line option.


          For instance, you'd use "cr. limit" or "non accrual".


          OK your append template and you should have the results you want.