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    ODBC Driver for Meditech

    rjgrunner _

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm hoping someone can help me with this. This is something I've always wanted to do with Monarch in previous jobs (Using SAP & Oracle).


      I'm now getting around to it in my current job where I use Meditech. I went to 'Open Database' planning to connect to Meditech but without success -

      my IT People are telling me that I need an ODBC Driver for Meditech  :confused:


      Does anyone know anything about this? Do I need a special Driver & if so where would I get it (& Is there a cost!)


      Thanks for the Help.



        • ODBC Driver for Meditech
          Joe Berry

          I had a similar desire to use ODBC with another hospital information system (CPSI) and had to have a driver from CPSI.  In my case there was a cost - an HIS vendor never avoids an opportunity to charge for something.  It was minimal if memory serves me correctly.  I would submit a help request to Meditech.


          Joe Berry

            • ODBC Driver for Meditech
              Grant Perkins



              Joe offers good advice I think.


              I know nothing about Meditech but a quick Google identifies that there are a number of vendors offering solutions. (I'm surprised that a Database installation comes without ODBC these days!)


              It souond like Meditech is quite a complex database so although there is potential for creating the 'schemas' required to access the data (i.e. something that knows what data is where and what it looks like) yourselves gaining the information required and finding the time to do it usually makes it a non starter. Less costly to buy a ready made package.


              Try Meditech directly and also try some of the database access tools vendors to see what they offer and at what prices.


              An ODBC/OleDB access tool is not normally product specific, at least not in the PC/Windows world, so once the interface is available it will normally be available for several different MS products should people wish to avail themselves of the joy of using it (and so long as the IT people have no onjections to the, presumably, extra load on the server.)