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    automatic reports

    jodie _

      is there a way that using monarch you can have acclaim software run aa nightly report automatically,  send to unix which would then filter into monarch and out again, or is this something that only data pump can do?

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          Data Kruncher

          Hi Jodie and welcome to the forum.


          While I'm sure that it is technically possible to this with Monarch and some fairly technical scripting/programming, Data Pump really is the logical solution for this type of work. It would be a much more efficient and reliable solution, and likely more cost effective over the long term.


          Some of the Data Pump users who frequent the forum are bound to chime in for you. Guys?



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            There are a few requirements you list that I'll comment on. 


            1)have acclaim software run aa nightly report automaticallyA: I'm not sure if Acclaim software has an external interface that allows you to generate the nightly report automatically through a batch script or other programming.  If you can control it through external programming, chances are you can have Data Pump create the report nightly.


            Another alternative is if Acclaim allows you to schedule when the reports are run from inside the software.  Data Pump could pick up the file as soon as it is created.


            2)send to unix which would then filter into monarch and out again

            A: Data Pump could certainly FTP to/from a UNIX machine, but I think Monarch and Data Pump are Windows only problems.


            As far as Data Pump / Monarch and programming, Data Pump is definitely the way to go if you have a lot of  reports to process on a regular basis or your programming skills are minimal.  If this is your only report you want to automate and you're comfortable with your programming skills, you can try to automate it...

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              jodie _

              This is the only report we may want to automate for right now.  What specific tools would we use for the programming?  We do have some in-house programming capabilities, but I am not sure in what area the programming would be done, or what tools would be used.




              We do have the ability to automatically run the report and ftp it to a specific location on the network or using NFS to access the AIX file from the windows (Monarch) client.