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    Assign codes

    Rusch Mauzy

      In a table of part numbers, I would like to assign two codes (not appearing in the report); named offset and non-offset. I would then like to sort and sub-total by these codes, and display a summary of a different field named Over(Short). I want the summary to look like this:



                                                             Over (Short)


      Sub-total Offset (part numbers)             $ 100


      Sub-total Non-Offset (part numbers)      $  200


      Total                                                $  300

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          Nigel Winton

          Hi Rusch

          Providing you can identify the items you want to tag, like using a value or part of the description, you can set up a calculated field to assign the tag you require.

          Then you need to set up a summary which uses the tag field as the first Key Field and in the field setup/options Display Tab you can specify sub totals by that field. You can also change the field name to anything you like by unchecking the Use Default Title in the General Tab and typing in what you need to see.






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              Rusch Mauzy



              Thank you for the prompt assistance.  Your description was clear and helpful. I applied the help you provided and I am almost there.


              I was able to create the Tag field and summarize by the Tag field. I cant figure out how to display only the Sub-total lines without showing the detail lines.


              Thank You,



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                  Data Kruncher

                  Hi Rusch,


                  You have a couple of choices in terms of how to get what you want on the summary.


                  The first option, assuming that you have your Tag field and at least one additional field as key items, would be to drill up so as to display only the Tag level. This would give you the subtotal values, but would not display a "Subtotal" label.


                  The second option is to hide the other key fields, displaying only the Tag field. This will leave you with the "Subtotal" label visible in the summary. To do this, examine the field properties for the other key field(s). On the Display tab, check the "Hide the key column." option box, and OK the dialog.