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    Import Data from AS400 iSeries

    Hin _

      The user tried to use the "Open Database" feature in Monarch Pro 8.02 to bring the data in from the AS400 system.  She was able to see the sample data displayed and select all fields.  But afer she clicked OK, only the field names were displayed in the column heading.  Monarch did not bring any data in.  It was the same when I signed on to her computer to try the same thing.  When I signed on to my own computer, I had no problem using Monarch on my computer to bring the same data in. 


      Now, the interesting part is that.  I thought it has to do with her computer, so I let the user sign on to my computer and She still could not use Monarch to bring the same data in.


      Have anybody experienced this problem?  Can anyone shed some light on this?  Any help would greatly be appreciated.