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    fino _

      I hope this does not sound too ridiculous - but can bold text be trapped - I have a situation where there is a bespoke report which has data subtotals in bold text. I need to trap all line items including the bold text e.g.

      Item Amount

      a     1.00

      b     2.00

      c     3.00

      where line 3 would be in bold - the only way I thought was perhaps to trap all 3 and divide by 2 but is not my preferred method.

      Please note

      that there are no differences between all 3 lines except the bold font


      sometimes there are only one record followed by a total, other times there may be many.



      p.s. perhaps adding an extra column to the Excel file and using some VB code to add a symbol denoting the total line?!

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          Grant Perkins



          I think you may need to consider a few less used techniques for this.


          For example, capture all the lines in a single field and then slice and dice in some way. Of course this suggestion assumes that you can define a trap that is independent of the 'detail' line detail and does not repeat on each line.


          If there is a single value in each original line you could RPLIT() the last value to get the bold line.


          You might also be able to do something with the LEN() function  as the basis for how many lanes there are or maybe perform a check for how many lines (within reason) using the TEXTLINE() function and testing for the presence/absence of data on each of, say, 10 lines. (If you may have hundreds of lines that is not very practicable of course!)


          Alternatively is the last line consistently followed by something else that you might be able to trap? For example if you have


          BOLD LINE[/B]


          trap line ...................................


          You might be able to trap on line 3 using a footer template and so would make the BOLD LINE[/B] line 1 of the template and exclude it from the Multi-line field.


          So, some starter ideas, probably not too well explained yet. If any of them sound like they may offer a possible solution I'll be happy to describe them in more detail - though a representative sample of the input data would be useful if you have the possibility of posting something.