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    Hex to Decimal Conversion

    JCC _

      Is there a hex to decimal conversion funtion available in V 7.00 Pro?

      If not can one be written in a calculated field that Monarch would be able to i[FONT=Verdana]nterpret?[/FONT]

        • Hex to Decimal Conversion

          No, there isn't a function in V7 as far as I know.  If you upgrade to V9 or higher, you can define custom functions and re-use them in other models.  This would be a great example.  I very highly recomend this.  Below is code I created for doing this in V9 or 10.  Below I'll explain how to convert this code to V7.


          Function CONVERT_HEX_DIGIT - Converts a single hexidecimal digit to decimal:

          if(isalpha(HexDigit),Asc(upper(HexDigit))- ASC("A") +10,val(HexDigit))


          Funcion Hex_To_Dec - Converts a string up to positions long to a decimal:

          CONVERT_HEX_DIGIT(substr(HexString,len(HexString) - 0,1)) * (16^0) +

          CONVERT_HEX_DIGIT(substr(HexString,len(HexString) - 1,1)) * (16^1) +

          CONVERT_HEX_DIGIT(substr(HexString,len(HexString) - 2,1)) * (16^2) +

          CONVERT_HEX_DIGIT(substr(HexString,len(HexString) - 3,1)) * (16^3) +

          CONVERT_HEX_DIGIT(substr(HexString,len(HexString) - 4,1)) * (16^4) +

          CONVERT_HEX_DIGIT(substr(HexString,len(HexString) - 5,1)) * (16^5) +

          CONVERT_HEX_DIGIT(substr(HexString,len(HexString) - 6,1)) * (16^6) +

          CONVERT_HEX_DIGIT(substr(HexString,len(HexString) - 7,1)) * (16^7) +

          CONVERT_HEX_DIGIT(substr(HexString,len(HexString) - 8,1)) * (16^8) +

          CONVERT_HEX_DIGIT(substr(HexString,len(HexString) - 9,1)) * (16^9)


          This code ws made much easier because I could reuse the CONVERT_HEX_DIGIT function within my Hex_To_Dec function.  Since you don't have that feature in V7, you'll need to take my function Funcion Hex_To_Dec, and replace every instance of CONVERT_HEX_DIGIT with the code for the function.  Then, HexDigit should be replaced with substr(HexString,len(HexString) - 0,i), where i is the number of the position in the HexString.


          As I said above I VERY HIGHLY recomend V9 or 10 rather than giving my approach for converting the two functions to a single function.


            • Hex to Decimal Conversion
              Nick Osdale-Popa

              Here's an alternative all-inclusive formula for Hex numbers up to 8 positions (Where HEX is your hexadecimal field):

              ((INSTR(SUBSTR(RIGHT("00000000" + HEX, 8),1,1),"0123456789ABCDEF")-1)*16+

              (INSTR(SUBSTR(RIGHT("00000000" + HEX, 8),2,1),"0123456789ABCDEF")-1))*256^3+

              ((INSTR(SUBSTR(RIGHT("00000000" + HEX, 8),3,1),"0123456789ABCDEF")-1)*16+

              (INSTR(SUBSTR(RIGHT("00000000" + HEX, 8),4,1),"0123456789ABCDEF")-1))*256^2+

              ((INSTR(SUBSTR(RIGHT("00000000" + HEX, 8),5,1),"0123456789ABCDEF")-1)*16+

              (INSTR(SUBSTR(RIGHT("00000000" + HEX, 8),6,1),"0123456789ABCDEF")-1))*256+

              (INSTR(SUBSTR(RIGHT("00000000" + HEX, 8),7,1),"0123456789ABCDEF")-1)*16+

              (INSTR(SUBSTR(RIGHT("00000000" + HEX, 8),8,1),"0123456789ABCDEF")-1)



              You could make two separate hidden calculated fields for the above formula to make it a bit shorter:

              One formula would hold the 8-position HEX field (named HEXNUM)

              RIGHT("00000000" + HEX, 8)[/code]


              The other formula would just be the lookup string (named HEXCONV):



              Thus the formula would now look like this:










              For a 10-digit HEX, make the necessary adjustment to HEXNUM

              RIGHT("0000000000" + HEX, 10)[/code]

              and the formula would be:













              On further inspection of Joey's formula, mine really isn't that much different. :o