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    V 6.01 Address Block problem

    AndrewC _

      I have a Supplier report with addresses and UK postcodes in the usual vertical format AddressLine1, 2, 3, 4 and Postcode.


      I have defined an Address Block (Memo) which stops on encountering the next template and pulls out the block of text fine.  Input field is defined as AddressBlock and Output fields are AddrLine1, AddrLine2, AddrLine3 and AddrLine4 then PostalCode.


      This works, except that the output randomly misses AddrLine3 but picks up the PostalCode OK.


      Is there a known bug in this version?  Does it work OK in V10 if I were to upgrade?


      There is also an issue with addresses split across a Page Break.  The legacy application repeats the Supplier Code on the new page causing a duplicate record with the partial address from the new page!  Is there a way round this apart from manual data fixing?  (I'd post a sample as attachment but don't appear to have rights to do this on the Forum).





        • V 6.01 Address Block problem
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Andrew,


          For trapping are you using the older Postal Trap or the newer Multi-Line field followed by full Adress Block functionality?.


          Randomly skipping line 3 sounds odd unless it is not random but difficult to spot. For example if you have set the sample for the address to be 4 lines but sometimes you get 5. Or a variation on that - using a multi-line field and the address block analysis but only defining the use of lines 1 to 3 (say) plus the City/Post Code etc., when sometimes you need 1 to 4.


          The problem with addresses in databases is that whiklst many will fit the 'rules' very well there are always some that don't. If they are predicatbale misfits they can be analysed and work rounds created. If not ... other solutions need to be found.


          I recommend always using the error flag offered in the address block fucntionality.


          You can post a sample directly in the forum using the CODE tags (Or cut and paste a relevant page or two, highlight the lines and then click on the # symbol in the second line of the menu section at the top of the message window.) Attachments, as such, are disabled.


          Whilst I highly recommend V10 upgrades, especially as you will gain so much extra functionality compared to V6, I'm not sure that there is anything additional for your particular problem but I can check back a version or two if you can supply a problem sample.






            • V 6.01 Address Block problem
              AndrewC _

              Hi Grant - thanks for responding.


              >For trapping are you using the older Postal Trap or the newer Multi-Line field followed by full Adress Block functionality?.


              The Address Block icon that looks like a yellow envelope. 


              It extracts a block of text "AddressBlock" correctly.  It is the Output bit of that which is getting it wrong, and not pulling out specific Address Lines.  I am wondering now if there are different characters embedded at the end of these lines - though it displays fine in the Report View.  The file came off a Unix box, so presumably has Linefeeds.


              I am using the Error flag as a column, and there is the odd postcode that is missing so Error 1, but these problem ones all have Error 0.  And as I said before, the PostalCode is coming out fine on these, but either AddrLine3 or AddrLine3 AND AddrLine4 are missing over a block of, say, 12 records, then OK again.


              I'm afraid I still can't see how to embed a sample image in this response - I can't see a menu at the top of the Message Window...  Else I could show you the Report View with the template lines and the corresponding table of data it produces.

                • V 6.01 Address Block problem
                  Data Kruncher

                  Hi Andrew,


                  You won't be able to attach images on this forum. Instead, set yourself up with [URL="http://photobucket.com/"]a free account on a photo hosting service[/URL], then use the tools that they provide to generate a link to your screenshot photo(s). If you can, save your screenshot as [URL="http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff80/Kruncher_photos/Summary-Color-Sample.png"]a PNG file[/URL]; that format makes the text much clearer in graphic files.


                  A bit of extra effort, but it'll likely help resolve your challenge.




                    • V 6.01 Address Block problem
                      Grant Perkins

                      Hi Andrew,


                      Hmm, several areas to cover that would take seconds to explain visually but somewhat langer in words ...  here we go though.


                      1. Including a report sample in the posting;


                      If you CUT the page or two from an electronic version of your report and PASTE it into the reply window you can then use the CODE facility to present it as a report in what should be it's original format. Pasting can mess with that otherwise.


                      All you need to do is add the word CODE in square brackets before the pasted sample and /CODE also in square brackets after the pasted sample lines. That shoud do the trick.


                      2. Related to the above ....


                      If you have the right level of web browser you can set you preferences for the forum display using the USER CP facility in then menu bar across the top of the Forum window - hopefully!


                      Scroll down to the Settings and Options > EDIT Options section in the left hand column. Click on that and then ini the reulting display scroll down to the Miscellaneous Options  section. At the bottom of that should be a "Message Editor Interface" selector. If you can see "Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing " select it. It will provide a much better editor entry window and include the # symbol for easy 'CODE' setting.


                      3. Page breaks interrupting records.


                      You probably need to use a PAGE HEADER template to make all lines relating to page breaks 'invisible' to the Monarch process that assesses the DETAIL templates. (However I am slightly concerned about the repeating headers that may not always be present and could make the neat Page Header feature less complete in terms of what it can do for you. Check out the HELP file - I think it will explain Page Headers better than I can in this context.


                      4. The Text Block functionality.


                      Tricky one to attempt to diagnose without seeing what you are working with BUT one possible problem is that you are not allowing for enough lines to be used from the multi-row extraction field.


                      Lets assume for an example that the address block might be 5 lines long





                      'City', 'Post Code'



                      Monarch will start from the bottom to attempt to find


                      Post Code, City, Country,


                      And then from the top to find


                      Name. Address 1, Address 2.


                      If the address record also has, sometimes, address3 and address 4 you may naver see them OR you may see data shuffled down into those locations in the data extract.


                      Now I can't be sure but that sort of sounds like your problem and so needs to be eliminated before we look for more obscure things going on.


                      If you find you are still struggling with posting a sample - can you provide a sample file via email? Is so I will send a private message (assuming your account is set to accept them) with an email address that will find me and you could send a copy of the file to me for a full assessment.


                      What have I forgotten to mention ?




                • V 6.01 Address Block problem
                  AndrewC _



                  I have 6 png's of screenshots to show the problem but I can't get them to Paste at all, even with the WYSWIG editor and the Code brackets. Nothing! Perhaps it would be easier if I just emailed them to you to have a look at and see if you can figure what is wrong.


                  As to Page Headers - I have already defined both a Header and a Footer.


                  Text Block Function - I added an AddressLine5 when the original 4 did not work, as you will see in the screen shots when you get them. It made no difference.


                  Happy to exchange email with you to make things easier.  Do I need to post mine here or can you get it from my Details?