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    Character/numeric data

    Oli _


      I work with Monarch 10 Pro:By importing a txt.-file as a database I got a strange effect in displaying the figures within one column. The colum is triggered as caracter field. 


      If the cell has only numeric values, Monarch cuts this cell (see the second line below). How can I get to make Monarch showing the numeric values correct,too ?









        • Character/numeric data
          Grant Perkins



          Firstly have you read the help section about dealing with and converting Scientific notation?


          If you use the VAL() function as suggested there you can get the value to 2.000000000 at the maximum of 9 decimal places. Of course you would need a calcualted field to convert to numeric and then re-convert to character to be compatible with other non-numeric fields.


          I think you may be struggliong to get the decimal values of the E value in your example since there is a limit of 9 decimal places possible.


          If that is not the problem I would check you input options for decimal place identifier character in case that is having an influence here.