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    If Null then date

    PGarcia _

      Hello all,

      I'm new to this form and to Monarch. How to set-up a formula that does the following. From MS Excel: if(A1="", 1/1/1900,A1)




        • If Null then date
          RalphB _

          Hi PGarcia and welcome to the forum.


          The calculated field isn't that much different than what you'd use for Excel. You could use a formula like If(field="",date(),field) if you want to return the current date where field is the field name you are checking.  If the date you want returned if null is something else, you need to put {} around the date. In your example it woud read If(field="",{1/1/1900},field).


          Hope this helps out.

            • If Null then date
              Data Kruncher

              If I could offer a slight enhancement, and because there's a difference in the manner in which testing of different data types is done, I'd recommend using the IsNull function: