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    Coloring values export to excel

    Oli _



      I've got 2 questions regarding coloring of vaulues in Monarch:


      i) when I export to excel from a summary window, the colored values won't be exported in colors to excel.

      ii) exists in Monarch a function like "conditional format" in excel ? I Like to color values in 3 Ranges;


      all values >50 TEUR ->red

      all values <50 TEUR ->blue
      all values <5 TEUR ->black




        • Coloring values export to excel
          Nigel Winton


          If you are using V9 then you need to got into Options>Export & Clipboard Options and set the Apply Formatting and Apply Advance Features options on fro Excel Exports. You also need to have the XLS output set to Excel 97 + Monarch V9. That should allow you to do ther exports with colours.