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    Export Failed

    Tastebuds _

      when I exported a table to an excel format I got the following message;


      export completed

      Results -

      Table  Export failed


      is there anyway to know why the export failed?

        • Export Failed
          rlandeo _

          Usually when I see that error it is because I am exporting too many records to an XLS.  If you have Office 2007, try XLSX or an MDB.

            • Export Failed
              Tastebuds _

              I continue to experience 'export failed' when I know that the file is not very large (less then 1000 lines). the same file fails when exported to XLSX.


              any ideas?::confused:

                • Export Failed
                  Grant Perkins

                  Would this be a new export failing or a re-population of an exisiting worksheet?


                  If so is the assumed 'named area' in the target sheet large enough to accommodate the new export? Indeed might there be any variation in field size romk one export to the next?


                  And of course the common issues of the path reference for the target file and any protection issues need to be eliminated - including of the target fiel is currently open perhaps.


                  Just a few thoughts of things to be eliminated from suspicion in the diagnosis.


                  Also, which option setting do you have set for the version of Excel you are exporting as? Have you tried alternatives?