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    Great Plains AR Aging

    dandanny _

      I am new to the forum.  I can't trap the data line with PYMNTXXX.  This is a Great Plains report in PDF format.  I am self taught with Monarch and know(?) the basics.  I am using V10.  I thought a floating trap on the date would work but I am getting no where.  Any help would be appreciated.


        Document Number               Type        Date                     Amount       Discount        Writeoff                  Current         0-30 Days          31 - 60 Days         61 - 90 Days       91 - 120 Days      121 and Over             Balance  

        NY0803-1099                   SLS         3/25/2008            $10,000.00                                                                                $10,000.00                 

             PYMNT000000003747                      8/25/2008                                                                                ($5,000.00)                

        NY0805-0411                   SLS         5/19/2008             $5,000.00                                                                                $5,000.00                                                                               

      NY0806-1290                   SLS         6/18/2008             $5,000.00                                                                                $5,000.00                                                                               

      Totals:                     $0.00              $0.00                 $0.00                $0.00              $5,000.00          $10,000.00     $15,000.00  




      Monarch Pro V10

        • Great Plains AR Aging
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Dan and welcome to the forum.


          I assume the line you want is an irregular occurrence? If you trap on a floating value related to DATE I would guess you are getting all the lines since the DETAIL lines also have dates in them.


          The sample is quite short but assuming it is representative of the entire report and is displayed consisently when interpreted from the PDF, I think that IN THEORY you need to create an APPEND template with the same trap as your detail, define the field in the posiiton you anticipate it will be (make if over sized if it shuffles about) and use the PRECEDING STRING feature of the FIELD PROPERTIES to pick the PYMNT string, that I ASSUME is used consistently, to grab the field whenever it appears.


          There are further examples in the forum if you search using "GURU TRAP".


          CAVEAT: If my assumptions are gor the pdf is inconsistent then this may not work at all.