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    Report v. Table

    tperez _



      I'm a very new user with BASIC knowledge, so forgive me if I'm missing something painfully obvious.  I've created my template with 5 basic fields.  When I go from the report to the table, it is not capturing the info properly.  I have 3 fields that have shifted down by one row.


      LOAN     BALANCE     DAYS DQ     ACCOUNT      NAME

           (Null)       (Null)     20XXXXX              APRIL X.XXXXXX

      L58     11629.82       210     20XXXXX              APRIL X.XXXXXX

      L88.2     1294.10       200     20XXXXX              APRIL X.XXXXXX

      L58     2996.63       198     20XXXXX              APRIL X.XXXXXX

      L58     4831.78       183     20XXXXX              APRIL X.XXXXXX

      L71     80631.21       183     20XXXXX              APRIL X.XXXXXX

      L58     3701.45       183     20XXXXX              APRIL X.XXXXXX

      L51     21245.47       175     20XXXXX              APRIL X.XXXXXX


      The L58, 11629.82 and 210 belong on the first row.  I have no blanks in the report and I have checked the box under "Empty Cells" - leave blank.  As a result, at the bottom of the report, on the last row, the first three columns just drop off.  HELP!




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          Grant Perkins

          Hi tperez and welcome to the forum.


          Would it be a fair guess that you have 2 templates  - a detail template and an Append template? (Perhaps 2 append templates?)


          You might want to consider whether the detail and append templates need to swap types -  make the detail an append and the existing append th detail. Or maybe the APPEND needs to be a FOOTER template type?


          Remember that, as a rule and without applying any special techniques to handle difficult situations, APPEND data will be located BEFORE the DETAIL data in the report and FOOTER data will appear AFTER the detail data in a report. (Page header templates are a special case that I don't think we need to get involved with here at the moment.)


          If this does not make sense in relation to your report as you see it it might be worth posting on here a sample of the report layout. You can cut and paste a sample page (edit to disguise confidential data if necessary) and enclose in tags (CODE in the first tag, /CODE in the end of section tag) to maintain the original format. Or paste the sample in the edit window, highlight it and then use the # button from the edit options at the top of the text entry window.






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              tperez _

              Many Thanks Most Honorable Monarch Guru!


              After reading the Learning Guide, I still have trouble.  I'm a visual person which doesn't bode well for trying to figure some of this stuff out.  On a different report I wasn't able to change the append/detail button, so I abandoned the thought.  With your suggestion though, in this report I changed the append to footer and it worked.  I love this program, but in order to maximize it's potential, I'll be spending many hours posting questions - Thanks to those who spend the time answering them!:D



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                  Grant Perkins



                  I'm glad you got the result you wanted.


                  Being a visual person, especially if you can apply that asset during preparation before diving in to the model building, is likely to prove to be a benefit for you.


                  Once the concepts fall into place and become comfortable for you (probably no more than a handful of hours required) generation of a wide range of analyses should become very easy.


                  I found, and I know many others have found the same, that sudden realisations could move things forward by huge amounts. It may be the same for you. You nmay have fewer questions than you anticipate ... but if not, no matter! Just ask the questions and I am confident you will see a useful response from a number of people.


                  Above all, have fun!




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                    Grant Perkins

                    On a different report I wasn't able to change the append/detail button, so I abandoned the thought. /quote


                    I just re-read this.


                    You can always change the type HOWEVER, only one DETAIL template is permitted but MULTIPLE APPENDS (or Footers in the latest version of Monarch)  are allowed. So If you have, for example, a Detail and an Append template and need to swap them, first make the detail and append and then the original append the detail.


                    That should work fine ( as far as swapping the roles is concerned). Whether if gives the results you need is a different matter!