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    Copy values

    ccribbs _

      I have a report that i receive in an excel file and convert to csv.  I open the report in V9 as a database and I'm trying to copy values down into null fields, but when I click on the field properties, this is not an option, I have no advanced tab and on the general tab i don't see Verify: or Empty Cells:.  Is there another way to copy value from previous record?  In the sample below, I would be trying to copy TLP down through all records beneath until the next TLP.  The second occurence of the three letters is a subtotal line.


      MNT     J00003730924     07/12/2008


      RHT     54264246     07/14/2008


      SRV     71419397     07/30/2008


      TLP     65406887     07/22/2008

           65406894     07/03/2008

           65406943     07/31/2008

           70506913     07/22/2008

           70506914     07/24/2008

           J00002618500     07/29/2008

           J00002628776     07/12/2008

           J00002628778     07/12/2008

           J00002628796     07/31/2008

           J00002628799     07/31/2008

           J00002628800     07/19/2008

           J00002628827     07/19/2008

           J00002628848     07/23/2008

           J00002628849     07/12/2008

           J00002628850     07/12/2008

           J00002632049     07/22/2008




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          I think the copy previous values option is available only when dealing with reports.  Could you convert this to a text file from Excel?

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              ccribbs _

              I did convert to text, but it makes quite a messy report where the first line includes the company name and number in 1 field but no other lines include this data.  Now I don't have a clue of where to begin to make a template to trap the data.


              01771 - XYZ Wxyz Inc            Mnt     J00003730924    07/12/2008      1n4ba41e88c827154       S       $59.00

                              Mnt                                     $59.00                                                

                              Rht     54264246        07/14/2008      1n4al21e88n544185       S       $34.00                

                              Rht                                     $34.00                                                

                              Srv     71419397        07/30/2008      1n4al11d45c342923       Pc      ($116.01)             

                              Srv                                     ($116.01)                                             

                              Tlp     65406887        07/22/2008      1n4al24e98c103527       Pc      ($45.20)              

                                      65406894        07/03/2008      1n4al21e17n484118       Pc      ($46.77)              

                                      65406943        07/31/2008      1hgcm56603a004754       Pc      ($47.53)              

                                      70506913        07/22/2008      3n1ab61e98t725531       S       $55.00                

                                      70506914        07/24/2008      1n6ra0zd98n357185       S       $55.00                

                                      J00002618500    07/29/2008      1n4ba41e28c823178       Pc      ($50.88)              

                                      J00002628776    07/12/2008      3n1ab61e98l725531       S       $55.00                

                                      J00002628778    07/12/2008      1n6ba07d98n357185       S       $55.00                

                                      J00002628796    07/31/2008      1n6ba06a18n355745       S       $55.00                

                                      J00002628799    07/31/2008      1n6ad07u68c411010       S       $55.00                

                                      J00002628800    07/19/2008      1n6ad07u08c441023       S       $55.00                

                                      J00002628827    07/19/2008      1n6ad07u28c425356       S       $55.00                

                                      J00002628848    07/23/2008      1c3lc56k57n546885       S       $55.00                

                                      J00002628849    07/12/2008      1n4ba41e88c827154       S       $55.00                

                                      J00002628850    07/12/2008      1gcec14x16z122574       S       $55.00                

                                      J00002632049    07/22/2008      1n6bd06t48c449056       Fc      ($55.00)              

                              Tlp                                     $359.62                                               



              Any help is appreciated.

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                  I can think of a few ideas, but they aren't the easiest.  Is this the way the Excel spreadsheet looks?  One option is always to manually adjust the data a little to make it easier in the end.

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                      ccribbs _

                      In the excel file each field is its own column.  This is something i would be doing monthly, so I'm trying to stay away from manually adjusting the file.

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                          Joe Berry

                          If you take the csv data from Monarch and write it to a fixed text format, it will be formatted as it appears in Monarch.  Then take that data and bring it into Monarch as a report. That will open up the ability to copy from the value above.  Makes an extra step but gets you the data you need in an automated fashion.


                          Hope that helps.