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      I am using Monarch Pro 8.1 and am still fairly new to its uses.  I have created a project for a daily report.  Currently I run the project (and its export) myself; however, there are times that require another user to complete this task. 


      I saved the project to a shared drive on our network so the other user(s) would have access to the project (all data being imported/exported is also saved on a shared drive).  When the other user attempt to run the project, Monarch read that the project could not be found. 


      Are projects saved for specific users or is there a way to ensure that any user would be able to access the project?


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          Grant Perkins

          Hi and welcome to the forum.


          Does the message sy the Project cannot be found or that the report or model the project refers to cannot be found?


          The information in the project file will set the location for the report and models and they will be local to you (presumably) and likely will not me accessible from the other user's account.


          I would assume that it will still run for you.


          You would need to make the Report and Model available somewhere that is consistently available for other users on the network.


          However, if it says the Project[/B] is not available (even though you can 'see' the file) I would guess that there is a file protection issue that prevents the other user from using it.


          If the problem does not relate to eiother of these ideas we will need to think again ...