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    Page break causing problems with data in table

    Cathy _

      I use Monarch 6.01 and recently inherited a model which isn't working correctly.


      I import a file into Monarch and the report has page breaks between some of the data I need. For some reason, where there is a store number and location at the bottom of the page and the figures I need are on the next page, instead of going to the next page and taking the correct figures, it is going to the store above it and reporting those figures for the store. The data is highlighted that needs to be pulled so it looks okay but it skips that information.


      The example here isn't that great but store 411 Nashua is above the page break on the report. Instead of going to page 2 and taking the numbers 7 and 210.00 from the WTD line. It is going back up to the figures for 348 Stoneham and using WTD 23 and 885.00. So when I look at the table it shows 23 and 885.00 as the values for both stores.



               136 WILLISTON          

                           WTD      12       555.00      46.25       112        4065.52      36.29         124          4620.52

                           MTD      22       945.00      42.95       203        6663.42      32.82         225          7608.42

                           YTD     396     15439.76      38.98      3801      108949.47      28.66        4197        124389.23

              348 STONEHAM          

                           WTD      23       885.00      38.47       301       10824.56      35.96         324         11709.56

                           MTD      57      2275.00      39.91       606       21782.53      35.94         663         24057.53

                           YTD      1     526     62027.75      40.64     11810      388608.03      32.90       13336        450635.78

              441 NASHUA          


      AS3026-A                           MARMAXX                     RUN DATE: 2008/11/09  TIME: 14:24:23

                                MARSHALLS                                          PAGE:      2

                         SHOP$MART  CARD SALES

                         FOR WEEK ENDING 2008/11/08     FISCAL WEEK: 41             FISCAL MONTH: 10

                CHAIN/REG/      GC       $VALUE   AVERAGE        MC         $VALUE     AVERAGE       TOTAL            TOTAL

              DISTRICT/STORE                      $VALUE                               $VALUE       #CARDS          $VALUE


                           WTD       7       210.00      30.00       188        5456.28      29.02         195          5666.28

                           MTD      19       650.00      34.21       355       10390.26      29.26         374         11040.26

                           YTD     604     25228.03      41.76      6149      179432.56      29.18        6753        204660.59


      Is there an easy fix for this?  I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge. Please remember that when you reply.


      Thank you for any help you can give me.


        • Page break causing problems with data in table
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Cathy and welcome to the forum.


          Interest report layout concept you have there! I wonder if it was working before you inherited it? If you have not changed anything, and from what you wrote I suspect you have not, then it might have been a problem anyway.


          I THINK what you need to do, based on the sample, is define the lines that appear in the repeating page header as a PAGE HEADER template type. The lines in the Page Header can be used in the normal way if you need extract data from them but they become invisible to the process that interptes the DETAIL template and so should rejoin your Store ID with its data rows.


          I'm guessing that if you put the block of data starting with the line


          AS3026 ....


          and ending with the line


          DISTRICT/STORE ....


          into the page header things should start to work BUT you may need to include any blank lines above or or below IF they are consistently part of the header sections. It only takes a few seconds to experiment if you need to. If it's a big report make an edited version with just a few pages and work more quickly with that.


          That should do what you need it to do but if if it does not let us know and we can move to the next idea ...