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    Export to Access 2007

    Svnty7 _

      I have just been upgraged to Access 2007.  I can no longer export (I'm using Monarch V8.01).  I had no problems with exporting directly into MS Access prior to the upgrade.  Has anyone else had this problem?



        • Export to Access 2007
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Sventy and wlcome to the forum.


          Export to Access SHOULD be completely independent of the version of Access installed as far as I know. You could use a very old version as the target for the expport and Monarch ought not to care. It would be up to Access to interpret the file if you opened it using Access. Obviously any old version would not include the potential to use features in later versions.


          Is this some sort of protection issue somewhere? Perhaps in the target folder?


          What is the exact error message you get?


          How are you export options set in Monarch?


          Lets start with those questions (unless anyone posts some better ones!) and see where the answers lead us.