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    ver8.01 - append file (command line)

    MarkG-YYZ _

      Currently the following code works properly on a daily basis.  However I'd like to modify the code to append data to the existing output file.


      What is the syntax to make that happen?


      "C:\Program Files\Monarch\Program\monarch.exe" "
      yyz-fs\sys\Scripting\Import\OCEAN_IMPORT_BB-SCRIPT_001\INPUT\WEpendlog.txt" "
      yyz-fs\sys\Scripting\Import\OCEAN_IMPORT_BB-SCRIPT_001\LIB\BBpendlog.xmod" "
      yyz-fs\sys\Scripting\Import\OCEAN_IMPORT_BB-SCRIPT_001\INPUT\SleWEtest.txt" /T