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      Hi there,


      I have a report in which some line have data, while others do not. Can I use either the Lookup or Calculated function to specify that if at the specific field location is empty, do not display, or display a 0 value.? I tried looking into the Help section but was unable to get it working properly. The field that I am checking are numeric.

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          Data Kruncher

          Yes, you can use a calculated field to convert blanks, or technically nulls, to a zero value, just like this:



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              Olly Bond



              You also can set in the Options > Input dialog a default rule to replace null values with defaults depending on the type of data the field contains - e.g. "" for a string, 0 for a numeric field, and 1 Jan 1970 for a date field.


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                  Data Kruncher

                  Of course Olly is correct, and using the Input Options is a quick, easy and effective way to [I]display[/I][/B] default values.


                  Just don't try to perform any calculations involving those default values, as the true value hiding behind that default is a null value that will result in an incorrect final calculation value.


                  You may want to get in the habit of using a calculated field to replace the null values, just in case the values do get used in calculations later on, as one sometimes can't predict what will become of a model in the future. An extra minute or two up front might just prevent problems yet to come.